Asha means "Hope" and Belle means "Beautiful." So we say AshaBelle means A Beautiful Hope. The heart and passion of AshaBelle is to help the women of Zakhira, a large slum in West Delhi, acquire skills through training, and to provide them with sustainable employment so they can better care for their families. Seeing families thrive and providing women with dignified employment is a key piece in helping this community rise above the weight of extreme poverty.

AshaBelle began with a few artisans from a former income generation project that had received prior training in jewelry-making, but we have since added more women and have also done training in crochet and knitting. In our design, our team strives to create unique handmade products that are a mixture of East and West; classy and on trend; simple and elegant.


Every artisan has a story and a hope for the future, and by purchasing AshaBelle products you are bringing hope to them by providing them with sustainable income that supports their families and strengthens the community of Zakhira. #tellastorywithyourjewelry

Some statistics about the women of Zakhira:

• Most of the women from the community we work with in Zakhira have rarely ventured beyond their crowded slum.

• The options for work are limited to what the nearby factories send home like beating metal parts, packaging, etc. for which they get a very meagre amount for a full days work.

• Many women have been abandoned by their husbands, left to raise children without any support or their husbands suffer from serious illnesses and cannot work.

• Most women of Zakhira have no access to a safe, local toilet unless they walk some distance outside the slum and across the railroad tracks.